Turkey Home is a country branding project of Turkey by courtesy of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Launched in April 2014, the brand aims to build a strong, sustainable, sincere, convincing and comprehensive ways of communication with all travel audience from all over the world in order to create awareness of Turkey’s cultural and historical heritage, social and daily life, etc. By promoting country’s all attractions and emphasizing its geographic and cultural diversity, the brand is designed to associate Turkey with the concept of “HOME” as it has welcomed, hosted and fostered a myriad of identities, cultures and civilizations throughout history.

Beside other offline classical media such as outdoor, press and TV, Turkey Home is also active across social and digital media platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn.


At the beginning of 2014, Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism set forth a new promotional branding strategy with Turkey Home. Until then, the Ministry had various worldwide promotion campaigns in many offline and online platforms, But with the inauguration of Turkey Home, the Ministry decided to accord and bring all its promotional campaigns in conformity with Turkey Home.

Just after 16 months, the brand grew to the 2nd among all other competitive tourism brands of cities and countries in terms of total number of fans and followers across all its social and digital media platforms. By August 2016, Turkey Home has expanded its global audience to more than six and a half million individuals, still holding the 2nd rank globally.


The primary mission of Turkey Home is to promote Turkey with all its values under few global concepts such as “Home of Hospitality” and “Home of Civilizations” in order to:

  • Improve and strengthen the branding identity and image of Turkey by achieving sustainable, continuous and stable promotional strategies,
  • Increase global awareness and preferability of the country by attracting more loyal travel audience,
  • Improve the country’s perception and reputation on international, regional and national scale by conveying universal messages on Turkey’s sincerity, generosity, warmness, friendliness, kindness, credibility and safety,
  • Conduct various promotional activities in a more professional and integrated manner,
  • Differentiate the country from its rivals by showing its diverse types of tourism such as history, culture, nature, adventure, sea, sports, gastronomy…

Through compelling creative visual content Turkey Home emphasizes different tourism alternatives available in Turkey. The main goal of visual strategy is to arouse curiosity and interest towards Turkey. The visual content allow travelers first to experience and then wonder about the country persuading them for an actual visit. Accordingly, the brand uses and distributes across media few main videos targeting the mass audience, and then focuses on local concept videos to target specific audience. In this context, the brand especially focuses on Turkey’s specific destinations included in UNESCO World Heritage and Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Furthermore, in social and digital media Turkey Home consistently seeks the ways of experimenting its hashtags, mixing in insider lingo and well-timed humor to spark a social conversation with thousands of followers daily.


Skift, a New York-based well-reputed digital publisher on marketing, awarded Turkey Home “The Best Branded Facebook Account” in September 2015 at the Skifties 2015 Social Media Awards for Travel Brands.

In this context, Skift made an interview with Mr. İrfan Önal, Director General of Promotion, about the rapid and ground success of Turkey Home campaign.

Turkey Home ranks 1st on Twitter among the global accounts of 1000 verified tourism destinations im terms of number of followers.

According to Rise analysis, Turkey Home ranked 2nd rank in May 2016 with regard to both number of followers and number of retweets on Twitter.

Turkey Home’s latest promotional video named “Feel the Meaning of Turquoise in Turkey” with its cinematographic qualities has made a great success. In this respect, in 2016 “Tourfilm Riga” International Tourism Film Festival in Latvia awarded the video “Mention”. More importantly, Film, Art & Tourism Festival (FilmAT) in Poland, “On the East Coast of Europe” The International Tourism Festival in Bulgaria, Istanbul Tourism Film Festival in Turkey, US International Film & Video Festival in the USA and “Following the Equator” International Tourism Film Festival in Maldives awarded the video the “Grand Prix” as “The Best Film of the Festival”.

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