Eastern Anatolia

  • Erzurum, containing a highly qualified ski resort, is like a haven for winter sport lovers who would like to ski for eight months on steep slopes carpeted by fi
  • Believed to be the lands where humankind expanded from the descendants of Noah, Ağrı invites you to İshakpaşa Palace, an emblematic of Ottoman architectural cul
  • Bitlis, accommodating the largest Islamic graveyard, offers a deeper insight into a more peaceful everyday life. The lively city of Bitlis stands in the middle
  • Kars, a transit point between Anatolia and the Caucasus, has an outstanding beauty in itself, magnified by Ani Ruins- a medieval city once called "City of 1001
  • VAN
    Being famous for its distinctive domestic cats, Van offers a ferry trip to a sacred destination- an evil eye bead for Turkey’s largest lake. This remote but imp

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