Black Sea

  • As one of the main producer of hazelnut crops of Turkey, Ordu invites you to a beautiful landscape amid the pleasant sea breezes. Ordu is a green spot set betwe
  • It is the traditional houses of Safranbolu that have earned the city a world-wide reputation and inscribed it on UNESCO's World Heritage List, with many trailin
  • The city where the legacy of Ottoman Sultans stays engraved offers magnificent traces of past civilizations and the most delicious apples on Earth. Set in a nar
  • A charming city with a mild climate that enchants the visitors with tens of shades of green. A winding drive midway up a mountainside takes you to Artvin, one o
  • Parthenios of ancient times, Bartın impresses visitors with its timbered houses that reflect a different artistic taste. Bartın, Parthenios of ancient times, is
  • Bolu is a lovely city between Ankara and İstanbul with lofty mountains, thick forests, lakes and streams. The breathtakingly beautiful Yedigöller (Seven Lakes)
  • Once the capital of the Hittite civilisation, one of the greatest civilisations the world has ever seen, Çorum holds a special place in history sharing that her
  • Renowned for its rich cuisine and enchanting copper works, Giresun is the city to have spread cherry across the world. Giresun, the pearl of the Black Sea, is a
  • Located within the boundaries of Boğazkale District, southwest of Çorum, Hattusas had served as the capital of the Hittite Empire for 450 years, between 1650-12

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