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To get around Turkey, there are two feasible options: road or air transportation. Ferries and railways are almost obsolete in Turkey. On the other hand you can use ferries to go to the Greek Islands. For more information see ferry transportation within Turkey and to foreign destinations. With the start of new private airlines serving domestic destinations, air transportation has become cheaper and new cities are being served. For domestic flights see airline tickets within Turkey and for air travel from US, Europe and around the world, see flights to Turkey.

You can rent a car provided that you are used to driving in chaotic traffic. Turkish traffic is hard to deal with, but major cities are connected with motorways up to the Western standarts. Another alternative could be hiring a driver and a guide, especially a good option for large families or groups. Bus is the main public transportation mean in Turkey. It is cheap and frequent. Some bus companies have very modern buses in their fleet, the comfort level varies greatly from one company to another. There are only a handful of companies in Turkey that would be comfortable for a Western traveler.
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